GAP’s Guide to …. Not Wasting Your Free Time & Make it Count!

GAP’s Guide to …. Not Wasting Your Free Time & Make it Count!

Many graduates leave university with no plans for their summer other than a spree of job applications and CV amending, and too often, they find themselves twiddling their thumbs waiting patiently for that sought after call or email from a prospective employer.

Here are three options to consider following to make the most of your free time to improve your skills, employability and opportunities!



Why not offer up your free time to a charity or business that could use the help of a savvy graduate. This could include stewarding at events, assisting with youth clubs and classes, canvassing for charity donations and much more.

If you’re a fan of our furry friends, animal rescue centres are ALWAYS looking for an extra pair of hands to carry out the day-to-day care and maintenance that their residents require, or alternatively if you prefer human interaction, why not offer up your time and companionship to an elderly resident in need of company? Simple tasks such as popping by for a chat, making them a cup of tea or picking up their shopping will brighten up their day.


You’re demonstrating to employers that you’re willing to give up your time to help with additional work no matter how menial a task is, or despite the fact you may not be trained for that particular role. Additionally, you’ll be gaining skills and knowledge without even realising it! Maintaining a routine of waking up for a normal working day, timekeeping, team work, and many other transferable skills can come from a little bit of volunteering. And the best part? You’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling of helping for the sake of helping, and what is better than that?


Why not offer yourself up on a voluntary basis to an employer within the industry would like to work in? Be confident in approaching employers that you want to work with; these are likely to be small and menial tasks but it all counts!


You will gain valuable experience and knowledge from those already working within the industry, and the employer gains a free pair of hands to assist them. Work experience is a vital vehicle for demonstrating commitment and gaining experience that you otherwise wouldn’t have. It also provides you with a foot in the door of a company you potential want to work within and allows you a unique opportunity to demonstrate your skills and worth to the employer.


Do you have skills that might be in demand? You could break into the Freelancing world to gain additional experience and get your name out there. Whether you’re a writer, designer, producer of anything, or even educated in PR and Marketing, Social Media, Teaching, Childcare, IT and Technology and so much more, freelancing could be the option for you! Simply create a free website or blog detailing what you can do, and promote your name and services using social media, or look for freelancing opportunities online, such as job vacancy websites.


This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate a HUGE range of qualities that any employer requires, such as ambition, time keeping and time management, innovation, promotion and marketing and so much more. You’re also proving that your skills are ideal for the industry you want to break in to, gaining fantastic experience and it could put you in touch with an employer who might want to recruit you full-time! What’s not to love?

If you’re still looking for that opportunity to help you make the leap from University to employability, then the Graduate Accelerator Programme could be for you! It will provide you with two weeks of specialist employability training, the opportunity to meet a variety of employers from the local area at the ‘Meet the Graduate’ event, and could lead to work experience opportunities, an interview or even employment!

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