GAP Guide to … Keeping the Job

GAP Guide to … Keeping the Job

Congratulations! You’ve stuck it through and found the perfect job. Now, how do you make sure you keep it? Here are ten tips to surviving your first few months in employment!

Make Your First Day Count

Arrive in good time on your first day to ensure you make the right first impression with your Managers and fellow colleagues. Take opportunities to introduce yourself and establish friendships early on – this will help with the sometimes tricky transition into a new workplace!

Don’t Break the Obvious Rules!

These might seem obvious, but they are the most vital no-no’s in any workplace. Don’t spend your hours making personal calls on the work phone, avoid using work computers to access personal social media pages, particularly in work-time, and avoid the obvious – being argumentative, not co-operating with colleagues and arriving late are all sending the wrong messages to your new employers.

Have the Confidence to Ask Questions

As with all new employees, you are yet to learn to established rules and processes, the right paperwork, how to use the company printer and so on. Don’t be afraid to approach your colleagues and bosses to ask these vital questions, and this is also a great way of introducing yourself and establishing friendships!

The Hard Work isn’t Over

Searching and securing yourself employment can often feel like a job in itself, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking all of the hard work is done! Now is the time to work even harder to impress your bosses and colleagues, proving to them that they made the right choice in hiring you.

Follow Up Your Work and Be Consistent!

If you have taken on or accepted a task from a colleague or Manager, making sure you follow it up and complete it in a timely fashion! If you forget and leave it sitting on your to-do list for a lengthy time, you may come across as incapable. Keep yourself organised with a to-do list to avoid being chased for work and set yourself small but achievable targets.

Be an Enthusiastic Employee

Always remain positive at work and be enthusiastic about any task or project you are given. Employees who demonstrate a positive attitude to work are those most likely to achieve promotions or be given extra responsibilities!

Initiative Will Get You Far

As a new employee, taking initiative in your new workplace will do wonders for your first impressions. This could be anything, from supporting a colleague during busy periods or relieving Managers of more simple tasks, to suggesting new ideas and projects! This will not go unnoticed and will help to build positive relationships with your fellow colleagues.

Be a Flexible Employee

If you work within a company where additional evening and weekend work may be required, try to be as flexible as possible by saying yes to extra work. This is a good way to establish your passion for the role early on, and sells yourself as a reliable employee.

We all Make Mistakes

After all, we are all human! If you do make a mistake or are unsure of something, you should be honest and upfront, rather than letting the problem fester. Employers are bound to expect new starters to be unsure and mistakes will be forgiven if you make the effort to communicate these to the right people, and work to solve them!

Speak to Your Colleagues Before the Meltdown!

If you find yourself struggling in your new role and are considering leaving, why not be honest and speak to your colleagues and Managers about your feelings. They might be able to suggest support to help you, or further training to enable you to carry out your role effectively. If after this you still feel that you aren’t right for the role, then it might be time to look for something more suitable.