GAP Guide to … Identifying Transferable Skills You Didn’t Know You Had!

GAP Guide to … Identifying Transferable Skills You Didn’t Know You Had!

Fancy qualifications and years’ worth of experience aren’t the only attributes that employers look for when hiring. You might have skills that you aren’t even aware of, that could work in your favour when searching for that perfect job…

Confident Voice

Are you always being told that you could talk the hind legs off a donkey? Well this could be a blessing in disguise! Employers look for confident communicators who are able to represent their business well. If you like to talk, this could be an extremely useful skill for a wide range of roles!


Are you the one everyone goes to when their smart phone is acting up, their laptop needs an update or they can’t figure out how to set up an online profile? In this current technological age, we often find ourselves utilising everyday IT skills that we never even acknowledge! Many job roles are computer-based or require some form of IT skills, so just because you don’t have a degree in Digital Communications, doesn’t mean that you can’t include these strengths on your CV!

Managing Your Time

If you have been out of work for a while, and feel that you aren’t up to scratch when it comes to managing working hours, and maintaining a working routine, you might want to look at other areas of your life when you had to work to a deadline and arrive on time on a regular basis. Did you attend evening lessons in painting furniture that began at the same time every evening, or are you a busy mother of 3, ensuring that your children are up, dressed and on their way to school by 8.15am? Time management skills come from a variety of commitments, so point them out to employers!

Personal Development

Often we find that if we have been out of education or training for a while, we haven’t experienced any type of professional and personal development that employers look for. The truth is, we are developing all of the time, through methods that we might not be aware of! If you are the type of person who uses YouTube tutorials to help you carry out a DIY project in the house, take a cooking class to learn how to prepare more exotic foods, or regularly partake in sport, you ARE developing your skills without even realising!

Networking Skills

Are you the type of person who makes friends wherever you go? Can you easily engage in conversation with strangers? These skills are invaluable to many employers, where a job role may involve speaking to a variety of different customers or clients each day, or to make potential business connections or leads with customers. These confident networking skills are something to shout about!