GAP’s Guide to …


GAP’s Guide to … gaining work experience

WHY WORKING FOR FREE AIN’T ALL THAT BAD.. Working for free, also known as work placements, work experience, internships and the like, often sounds like employers giving eager graduates a raw deal. When you step out of university with all the enthusiasm in the world and expectations of a high flying career, the last thing […]

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GAP’s Guide to … Managing Time

YESTERDAY is in the bank. Smile and forget it. TOMORROW is a promissory note. Don’t count on it. TODAY is ready cash. Use it!  30 techniques to manage your time effectively Do a Time Log now and then – see where your time goes. Prepare ‘To Do Lists’ at the end of the day. Keep […]


How to find a job right out of university

University does not really prepare you for real life. If you are a full-time student, you probably do not have a lot of space to fit a part-time job in your busy schedule. However, student loans are making it impossible for you to concentrate during your classes as they keep getting higher, making you even […]

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GAP Guide to … Preparing for the Interview

Research the Company A good place to start when you receive that interview letter, is to learn everything there is to know about the company you are interviewing for. Research the company by visiting their website and social media pages, and pay particular notice to the service or product they provide, who their target audience […]

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GAP Guide to … Finding Your Perfect Job!

Are you looking for the perfect job, but don’t know where to start? Here are our top ten places to begin your vacancy search, both off and online! LinkedIn LinkedIn is the top social media platform used by businesses and employers. If you don’t already have an account, create one! Your profile is designed to […]

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GAP Guide to … Beating the Job Search Woes

Being unemployed and searching for jobs can be a tiring, lonely and ego-bruising process. Here are five tips to beating the unemployment blues whilst you search for your next role! Stick to a strict routine It can be quite easy, particularly if you have no other existing commitments, to lose track of a normal working […]

Wakefield Graduates Feedback

GAP Guide to …. Graduate Accelerator Programme (Wakefield District Graduate’s Perspective)

The Graduate Accelerator Programme is a unique programme that aims to support local employers to give unemployed graduates the opportunity they need to start their careers. It also helps graduates to make the transition from University to being successful in full time employment. This Programme has been successfully delivered in South Yorkshire in Partnership with […]

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GAP’s Guide to …. The Graduate Accelerator Programme (A Doncaster Graduate’s perspective)

By Kelly Ann Burns (Doncaster Graduate Accelerator Programme Participant February 2015) So….you recently graduated from University? Then you must know exactly where you want to be. Presumably you want to walk straight into that prestigious, demanding and fulfilling career role. Unfortunately, as a graduate, you may encounter the same main challenge that I personally encountered. Lack of […]