Articles by: Bobby

GAP’s Guide to … Developing Positive Relationships

Positive working relationships are the key to a successful and efficient professional environment. Here are Bobby’s 10 Top Tips to developing those relationships: Offer something before asking for something. Assign time to develop and maintain these relationships – keep in touch calls and emails, ask a colleague out for lunch or quick coffee, and attend networking […]

GAP’s Guide to …. Handling Complaints

How you and your business/colleagues/employees handle complaints can be detrimental to your public image and to your success. Here are 10 top rules to abide by when handling complaints: The customer SHOULD always be taken seriously Offer Knowledgeable help and support Handle complaints with friendliness and basic courtesies Try and anticipate their needs Keep the […]

GAP’s Guide to … Networking

Why networking might not be working for you? Are you going to too many networking events or not enough? With so many formal networking groups, it is possible to go to networking three times day (before you go to work, during work time and events in the evening).  Conversely we are so busy that we […]

GAP’s Guide to … Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a technique for getting lots of ideas on a subject.  Here are 10 tips on how to get the most from these discussions. Set a time limit on the brainstorming Find a comfortable quiet room. If you can, pick a space not used by your team for any other purpose. They will be […]

GAP’s Guide to … Negotiating

Need to negotiate a sale, a deal, a price or a situation? Here are our top 10 ‘negotiating’ tactics that could be incorporated: Use silence for effect Make frequent summaries Take notes Build trust and empathy Be alert to what they mean by what they say Stay focused Give yourself time to think Ask questions […]

GAP’s Guide to … Dealing with Stress

A little stress can be good for you – like sharpening your nerves before a big interview, meeting or presentation. But, what can we do when we are experiencing stress that harms us or goes on and on? Relaxation: try to spend more time with friends and family, don’t isolate yourself; try a relaxing massage, […]

GAP’s Guide to… Acing the Interview!

Want to feel confident in your interview? We have one word for you that will solve all of your worries – Preparation. Here are 7 crucial pointers to put you on the path to interview preparation success! Do Your Research Learn who the company are, what product, service or function they provide and how they […]

GAP Guide to … A Productive Job Search

Keep a Journal If you are in the midst of a serious job finding mission, which could include multiple online applications, CV emailing and cover letter writing, it’s important to keep yourself organised and aware of where your application is. Keep a journal of every vacancy you apply for, the date you applied and the […]

GAP Guide to … Keeping the Job

Congratulations! You’ve stuck it through and found the perfect job. Now, how do you make sure you keep it? Here are ten tips to surviving your first few months in employment! Make Your First Day Count Arrive in good time on your first day to ensure you make the right first impression with your Managers […]